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But there's another side of coin: almost all of these services being walled-gardens. No offense to Gitea, GitLab and GitHub developers, you've been creating wonderful pieces of software and I highly appreciate your efforts! Nevertheless, while being in seek of minimalist and reasonably functional tools, I recognize Sourcehut as the most effective tool out there. It's somewhat based on this Unix philosophy where each component does certain thing (looking at you, Systedmd). And I love this

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Maybe I'll settle on with Codeberg since I really love the free (as in freedom) UI-friendly Git hosting platform. Even more, Codeberg does look like a collaboratively made platform what I really love. And it allows you to easily integrate third-party CI/CD solutions or any other third-party apps :P

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The Dillema: GitHub, GitLab, Codeberg or Sourcehut for development?
GitHub = optimized, easy-to-use and crowded platform with tons of FOSS projects on it. Caveat: Microsoft + Proprietary Software
GitLab = tons of "might be useful" features. Caveat: platforms feels absolutely bloated and overwhelming.
Codeberg = like GitHub but in Europe. Caveat: no CI/CD, pretty small community, laggy UI.
Sourcehut = minimalist Git-solution. Caveat: "where is my UI?"

There is one thing which makes me kind of worried - centralization of decentralized tool called Git... 😬

Firefox does look like something worrisome. I've read information regarding its security vulnerabilities and IT DOES STRESS ME OUT. Especially on Linux. Why do I write about this? Well, to bring up our long-loved topic: Chromium or Firefox? Should we sacrifice advanced security features of Chromium to use *almost* free as in freedom software like Firefox?

Even more, they clearly state that they use Google Analytics, GDNIR and DoubleClick.
I really love the fact that it provides a wide range of materials for studies and entertainment. Nevertheless, I consider it worrisome to implement tracking technologies into the ethically-made product.
Here is their privacy policy, I'd recommend to take a look:

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Alright, so I've found a brand new video streaming platform called 'LBRY'. It does sound cool BUT there are "few little problems" with it.
First and foremost, it clearly states that it does use Google AdSense: "We use Google AdSense Advertising on our website."
Even though it promises not to use any ads, it certainly does. I really wonder why is it so πŸ€”

So I've set up my Twidere app now. I removed those nasty "Star", " Toot" and other disturbing buttons. I want to believe such setup will destroy the fear of social media addiction yet reconnect me in a mindful way with the world.

Alrighty, here goes my adventure down the Rabbit-hole of self-hostment! Looking forward to moving my own life into my own hands πŸ˜„


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